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It Solutions
Our services include VSAT, IPL, SCPC/SCPC, DVB/SCPC, DVBSr-TDMA are designed as per our clients’ requirements to accurately address their needs.

I.C.T Solutions

I.C.T Solutions

Specialized in IT, WAN, and LAN, our ICT solutions we are today one of the essential stakeholders in the IT market. We are pioneers in implementing the internet in everyday aspects due to the rapidly advancing world. The Internet has become an essential part of our lives requiring experienced ISP’s to operate efficiently and cost-effectively to provide the clients with the top quality at the best price. Our I.C.T

VSAT Internet Solutions

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Most reliable data management technology for a stable connection. This technology can be used in many data management. Thanks to its stability, VSAT is becoming used in more sectors increasingly. Companies operating in dispersed sites, Oil & Gas rig sites, mining sites, ATM’s, reservations systems …etc.

Less transportation infrastructure is used in VSAT technology. since it depends on the internet via satellite, one point of failure. Satellites are placed in defined places space to allow signal bouncing traffic to roam all over the planet. This technology is the best solution for dispersed workstations and locations whether within cities or in rural areas, using stat of the art equipments from leading manufacture such as Newtec and iDirect .

CCTV Solutions

CCTV Solutions

Secure properties on timely correspondence to rest assured about yours. To ensure that your properties are secure, our CCTV systems are dedicated to meet all your monitoring needs. Rest assured that your home, company, warehouse …etc. are timely attended to.

Fiber Optic Network Solutions

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Super-fast and efficient internet connection provided throughfiber optic cables. Internet networks will have less lag time and guarantee that your business will not be interrupted.

Also, we provide copper cable networks as well so that oursolutions are integrated to meet the clients’ requirements efficiently andcost-effectively.

Voice Over InternetProtocol (VOIP) Solutions

I.C.T Solutions

Establish your calls and stay connected with all yourbusiness sites and contacts. That the internet has become an essential part ofour business and daily life, the need to make clear and stable voice calls through internet and computer became essential too.

Our specialist technicians and engineers enjoy state-of-art and hands-on experience enabling them to provide the best services designed for each client to address theirspecific needs and requirements as well as proposing the best solutions to them in order to secure their business and homes.